• Nowa Reggae photo time lapse 2014
    The 8 s concert at the main stage of Nowa Reggae 2014 summarized in just over a minute, thanks to everyone who has made this great year that will be remembered for a long time!
  • Nowa Cloudcast vol 18 "Watcha" Selected and mixed by Dj Format C
    This time, charge of the podcast has been FormatC. There is no forming a mix of audio, but has prepared a videomix, with two plates and a mixer, without any further editing video. Jonathan Linares (FormatC) door with·collections and records for over stabbing 10 years. His sessions are elegant and eclectic in his suitcase disc has a variety of styles. The summer 2011 started a new project of an audiovisual, session is where the video and audio were mixed through two plates and a mixer. FormatC has played at parties "Brazelona Sessions" SIDECAR the room, also shared by·group "Dobodob" a l XPRESSING UNDERGROUND i a sales com TERMINAL B, ROOM, THE MODERN, SUBVERSALLES, GROOVE, THE COWS, Gulfs CLUB, ANTIGUA FACTORY DAMM, THE GOLDEN BEACH CLUB and CLUB MAGMA or in bars or as ZERO THREE. He has also participated in festivals such as Faraday, MS20 or recently in NOWAREGGAE 13 format c 1
  • Entrevista Richie Campbell to Nowa Reggae Festival
    Richie Campbell has been a revelation of this European artists 2013. Taking advantage of its performance to Nowa Reggae 2013 we a chat with him and told us how was your experience at the festival.
  • Interview Dis Pon Di to Nowa Reggae Festival 2013
    Chavo and Anqui speak of the new project at hand, "Pon Dis". We shared a few minutes with them for the eighth edition of Nowa Reggae, explain their journey as musicians, features of this project as promising ol experience the festival among other things.
  • Interview with The Congos
    "The European public is the only currently supports the culture of reggae now id before" Interview with legendary roots reggae group "The Congos" during the celebration of the eighth edition of Nowa Reggae Festival in Vilanova, Barcelona. The festival is held during the 12 and 13 July 2013.
  • Entrevista a Filippo Giunta, Director Rototom Sunsplash
    "Rototom has suffered greatly, at 2002 we were convinced that it would be the last year" Interview during the 20th edition of the Rototom Sunsplash by reviewing the history of Nowa Reggae festival, Check the Benicassim or factors to achieve the success.
  • Resum Nowa Reggae Festival 2013
    Highlights del Nowa Reggae Festival 2013 held in Vilanova. He attended The Congos, Romain Virgo, Max Romeo, Alpheus, Richie Campbell, Lp Intl, Herb a lize It, The Jabs...
  • Nowa Reggae Promotional 2013
    This video expresses great atmosphere that exists in this festival made beach, sea, great concerts, good public about, good vibrations ... Do not miss the next issue. Nowa Reggae Festival 12 13 of July 2013 Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona
  • Mystic Souldiers Green Valley 9/03/13 @ Vilanova
    Mystic Souldiers Green Valley 9/03/13 @ Vilanova
  • Mystic Souldiers al nowa reggae 2012
    Mystic Souldiers al Nowa Reggae 2012 interpretant Rub a Dub Style
  • of Nowa Reggae 2012
    Video resum del Nowa Reggae Festival 2012. Video summary of Nowa Reggae Festival 2012 Video summary of Nowa Reggae festival 2012
  • Pirat Sound System is announcing his show @ Nowa Reggae 2012 the next 13 and 14 th of july
    System s Sound Pirat announcing his performance in the Nowa Reggae 2012 coming 13 and 14 de julio Pirat s Sound Sistema announcing their performance @Nowa Reggae 2012 on July 13th and 14th
  • Dar K announcing his show @NowaReggae2012 on July 13th
    Dar K announcing its action to Nowa Reggae 2012 day 13 of July. Give K announcing its action in the Nowa Reggae 2012 the next 13 July.
  • Warrior Sound Intl. announcing Nowa Reggae 2012, July 13th and 14th
    Mattia aka the One Man Army aka Warrior Sound Intl anunciant la seva presència al Nowa Reggae 2012, the next 13 the 14 of July. Mattia aka the One Man Army aka Warrior Sound Intl anunciando su presencia en el Nowa Reggae 2012, 13 and 14 July.
  • Skarra Mucci announcing Nowa Reggae 2012 on July 13th and 14th
    Skarra Mucci announcing Nowa Reggae 2012 the next 13 and 14 th of july! Skarra Mucci announcing the Nowa Reggae 2012 coming 13 and 15 July!
  • Mr. Wilson announced his show in Nowa Reggae 2012 acompanyant als Mystic Souldiers.
    Mr Wilson announcing its presence in the Nowa Reggae 2012 acompañando a los Mystic Souldiers Sr Wilson announcing his show @Nowa Reggae 2012 with Mystic Souldiers
  • NowaPark2011
    Summary of the activity that took place at the skatepark in Vilanova, organized by Nowa Reggae Hobbysport
  • Zion Train live at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010
    Video summary of Zion Train s performance at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010
  • Third World live at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010
    Video Summary of Third World s performance at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010
  • Pow Pow Movement Live at Nowa Reggae Festival 2007
    Video summary of Pow Pow Movement s show at Nowa Reggae Festival 2007
  • Pama international live at Nowa Reggae 2010
    Video Summary of Pama International s performing at NowaReggae festival 2010
  • Mr. Vegas live at Nowa Reggae 2010
    Video summary of Mr Vegas live show at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010
  • Intensified live at Nowa Reggae 2010
    Video summary of Intensified s live show at Nowa Reggae Summer Festival 2010
  • Dave Barker ft The kinky coo coo s live at Nowareggae 2007
    Video Summary of Dave Barker s performance at Nowa Reggae festival 2007 backed by The Kinky Coo Coo s
  • Capleton live at Nowa Reggae 2010
    Video summary of Capleton s performance at Nowa Reggae Festival 2010


13 October 2014

On Saturday 1 November we start the new season with productions that we liked last spring, el VNG LOVES SOUND SYSTEM, making this a tribute to the way “real” sound systems jamaicans.

Repeat with a new poster but same format: comptem amb Suruma Sound System, un sound system artesà, Handmade in true Jamaican style, great to feel the vibrations of Caribbean music. Also, like last year, enjoy the great session offered Dj Dub Troll Boulevard and control their own sound system, prepareu-vos.

In addition, Another highlight of the night, will show you first see in Vilanova, the “Dubplate Madness” que protagonitzaran els sounds One Blood i HiLight. Two veterans of the scene alternating controls, a selection of exclusive dubplates. Between these two sounds we know that anything can happen… be unique!

The opening night will be charge M&Sound accompanied by Danny M Trees microphone, expected to hear the great collective·collection of treasures that are of Jamaican 60 A format vinil. Also some real sick party, promise a good show.

For more information about the artists who visit the wall’event!

VNG LOVE SOUND SYSTEM – Tribut al Sound System Jamaicà
Artists: Suruma Sound System, “Dubplate Madness” ft. One Blood Sound & HiLight Sound, M&M ft. Danny Trees, Nowa Dj’s
Hours: 23:00 – 4:45
Price: 5€ – 6€ beer – 8€ combined with
Ship Railway Museum, plaça Eduard maristany s/n.
Vilanova i la Geltrú – Barcelona

Marató de Kingston Road pel Nowa Reggae

17 July 2014


From the 14:00 pm on Saturday you can hear the special program live from Kingston Road Beach Vilanova, until the early hours. You tune in your radio and online meetings Saturday on the beach, exclusive interviews, the live concerts and the latest news about the festival!
We also want to reward those who follow the program on Twitter using # nowakingston or factionEBook explaining how you are living Nowa Reggae, raffle merxandantge festival the best reviews!

Live webcast will be live through Somreggae FM to the 106.0, walking Canal Blau Fm to the 100.4, o a to the 91.5, also the respective DTT channels or websites of the three media.

Dance Ska al Nowa Reggae!

13 July 2014

You all know this year is coming to perform Derrick Morgan, one of the authentic creators of ska music… he put his music, but you have to put the dance!! So LET'S SKA AT NOWA REGGAE!!

Nowa Chill

13 July 2014

2009 06 13 - Parc del Garraf  028 copy

This year a new feature for the festival attendees will be the Nowa Chill. It is a defined space that, through the consent of City Council Vilanova, lets you·settle on the beach near the festival place. You are allowed·to camp there with a tent camp, but vehicles are not allowed, but you can park on the parking next to this area. You can also use the restroom of the beach. From Friday until Sunday night you can use this free space.


2 June 2014



16 May 2014


One year we presented NOWA PARK as a complementary activity to Nowa Reggae Festival.

This year, thanks to the·support of Ripper Seeds, Hydroponic, Rat Gang, TotSports, West Rats and has engaged many people to organize this event. With your support we can offer NOWA PARK activities and more prizes than ever for participants.

[

Nowa Cloudcast Vol 26 – “Greenleeves 80′s Love” Selected and mixed by Wiggle Yard

5 May 2014

This time Wiggle Yard Sound Esplugues (Barcelona) presents a selection of songs Greenleeves Jamaican stamp issued during the decade of 80. This mixtape with a touch sentimental reviews the sweetest voices has given the Caribbean island, singers Cocoa Tea, Echo Minott and Dennis Brown among many others give unparalleled identity has always been Greenleeves Records.


30 April 2014

Many thanks to all participants #promosoundsystem, we are very glad your co·operation. The winners of the two inputs are double drink:

- Anna Train (foto amb més likes)

- Javier Oviedo (foto més original)

See you all tonight, to be remembered!